Website Tips

Creating or commissioning a beautiful website for your brand or organization is just the first step. How do you keep your site attracting and retaining the interest of your targeted audience of users? What concrete actions can you take today to improve your site’s performance? 

If you’re not a website developer or designer, it can be hard to separate the good (and up-to-date) information from the outdated and questionable suggestions that proliferate on the web. That’s why KeenToDesign strives to cut through the noise and deliver high-quality, high-performance advice on maintaining and improving your business website. 

Here, you’ll find a continually expanding collection of expert tips and tricks to improve your website’s performance, speed, functionality and traffic. Whether you’re looking for advice on one-page sites that produce big conversion rates, what kinds of icons you should add to your site and where to add them, or how to improve your site’s user experience (UX), you’ll find actionable advice here, written in a non-technical, user-friendly way.

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